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[Fan Account] 120309 CNBLUE STAND UP! By M LIVE

Setlist :


Now or Never

Love Girl


Just Please

One Time


MC 2

Get Away

Where You Are

In My Head

MC 3

I’m A Loner



Maybe you guyz expect a very bias fan account here since I am a YH bias. You’re right! This will be a very bias one mainly because he is the only one I am able to see clearly from my seats also one of the reason I choose this seat. Since there are so many fan cams circulating around already so I am just going to write some episodes I experience during the concert + some fangirl spazzing xD.

At around 8 PM, The concert starts with CNBLUE’s Bluestorm Intro, then right away they play “Intuition”, “Now or Never”. Sound sytem were great, and YongHwa voice was so powerful from beginning. CNBLUE performed passionately from 0 s!   I missed half of Love Girl performance because I have to surrender my camera to the customer service T___T, luckily I didn’t miss his now infamous erotic dance before Love Girl. I wonder where he learnt to do that o.0!! But I am enjoying every part of it XD *blush*

When I am back, YongHwa said “Are You Ready?? It’s Time To ROCK!!! , then MinHyuk powerful drum started “Just Please”. I’m totally not ready to rock yet,  I am still catching my breath from all the running I did earlier but when JongHyun played his guitar.. I forgot everything.. oh my.. the way he played his guitar and do headbanging that close to me. I’m mesmerized (I think I almost drool cause my mouth was wide open -__-;;) 

During “One Time”, YongHwa did heavy headbanging on the extension stage and some of his sweat got on my face every time he did that (I don’t know I should be happy or not.. ) At the end he suddenly kneel down and play guitar. OMG!! that’s what i’ve been looking for since I heard the stories from BS Encore!! and it’s right in front of my two eyes!!

I have been secretly hoping they would sing “Tattoo” , “Get Away” , “Where You Are” , and “In My Head” then bang!! they played all four of them continuously. I am totally in Heaven!! I should say the set list for this concert is so auuwesome!

The way YongHwa expressed all of those songs is different from what I remember when watching fancams or their DVD concert performances. He has more (strange) gestures, facial expression, and (sexy) body movement. I am not complaining just saying it’s different than usual.

After “In My Head”, YongHwa wanted to see the audiences so

he said : “I need more light to audience” , after he said that 2 times and staff seems to ignore him ( or don’t understand what he said ) He said : “Hey!! St(r)aff, more lights to audience”

He has his trademark cheek burst smile when he saw fans cheering,

YH said “So awesome, very nice thank you”, then he continue “I cannot believe it’s time to say goodbye. It’s great time with you”

JS : “thank you very much”

MH : “I believe we can meet again on tour, I promise we will have much more song to sing next time thank you” «< might be wrong cause fans screamed so loud I can’t really hear what he was saying.

Next song : “I’m a loner” and “LOVE”

For this two songs, YH sings from the extension stage = in front of me. Before he started singing “I’m A Loner” he teased fans by randomly sings the rap part of it with exaggerated expressions xD. For “LOVE” I made eye contact with him when I did the Love Love Love Clap Clap Clap gesture.. >v<V I couldn’t be happier.

At the end, MinHyuk threw his drumstick to each side of the stage, and YH ran back to the extension stage and threw his pick to the center. 


They definitely have improved a lot since the last time I watched their Live performance (that was Bluestorm in Seoul in September) JH’s guitar is more mature, powerful, stable. MH’s drum has improved too, more reliable and consistent. I knew they have improved from watching their performances recently but listening to their improvement in person is really something else.

This is their first performance outside Asia, their first step towards their ultimate dream of being no.1 at Billboard Chart.

The whole trip has been awesome, this is the first time I got to greet them at the airport, and I got the chance of a lifetime >< can’t be better!! 

All in all.. It’s a very memorable event for me, dear CNBLUE you will always be “In My Head!”

Update :

- Somewhere during I’m A Loner and LOVE performance. YongHwa threw his pick to my side, and I see very clearly how that pick leave his hand, in the air, and land to the hand of a girl next to me. The regret of my life.. I should catch it instead of just looking at it -__-;; But the girl who got it was so nice, she showed it to me and let me touched it too xD. It’s transparent blue color, I can’t remember the brand.

- YH used 2 guitars that day, he started with Tom Anderson, and changed to his Yongfgang guitar for the 6 rock songs performance (“Just Please” to “In My Head”) . For “I’m a Loner” and “Love” he changed it back to Tom Anderson.

- There is An American Boice standing behind me, he is so tall so he raised his hand high when YH went to the extension stage, YH saw that so he did high five to him xD. He said he came to the concert for CNBLUE! wow~ CNBLUE has American fans now! ^^

- I managed to touch Hong Ki hand when he went to the extension stage and sang, he also splashed his water to my side, I was a bit wet from it and some of the water got into my eyes ><.

- When he sang “Flower Rock” he stopped mid-way and asked everyone to sit down and he squatted down. Then suddenly he jumped! Everyone jumped from their seats too~ But because of the water he splashed earlier he fell down, and make this embarrassed face XD.

- Hong Ki was running, jumping, dancing, for full 1 hour. This guy really has endless stamina. They started with 3 ballad songs, and then full rock songs till the end. Since I don’t know what those songs are I can’t really give setlist. the songs I know “LOVE LOVE LOVE”, “Severely” ,”I Hope”, and a song from their remake album that they sing at Immortal Song.  

- When FTISLAND finished their performance. Everyone shouted “Encore!! Encore!!”, then HongKi shouted “let’s welcome CNBLUE!” , I thought there will be a collaboration stage as Encore. But they come out and started their encore. LOL.. HongKi got me there!

- After FTISLAND finished their encore songs, CNBLUE come out with JH first, he walked casually with dorky smile xD. Then they bow to each side of the audience. That is when I saw JH pimples in HD because he bow in front of me, and that’s the first time I saw MH face throughout the whole concert (If you read my tweet you’ll know why) LOL.

- When everyone went to backstage, YH still playing at the extension stage with a little dance XD. After watching FTI performance, I think he learnt that from HongKi xD


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